All members are asked to contribute £10.00 a year to help with the maintenance of Felicity’s Woods and general running costs. The Paypal link below allows you to painlessly subscribe to a yearly payment.

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Home Druidry Rituals Events Felicity's Woods Gallery Contact Us


Circle of Songs

 One Monday each month The Circle of Songs (a sister group) meets in a dome / yurt on the foothills of Beacon Hill to hold ceremony and sing sacred songs together.  All are welcome for an initial visit – thereafter if they wish to join they will be added to the group, and expected to try to attend regularly. For more information contact or Jos Razzell on Facebook


 Two weeks before a ritual we get together for a workshop. We generally have a theme and express our creativity through open discussion or through practical activities. It is hosted by the leader of the upcoming rite, and inspires the content of the ritual. Anyone can attend these sessions and have some input or get to know people better.

May Day

 For several years we have held a May day festival to celebrate the spring and all things pagan and to welcome the local community into our circle. Erecting the big lodge on Beacon Hill we have story tellers, cakes and refreshments, live music, morris dancers, games, bee keeping demonstrations and a May Pole. Everyone is welcome and the focus of the day is to have fun.